Radiation Oncology

Residency Sites

Physics Residents have five sites available to them within Southern Ontario:


Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre, Trillium Health Partners (Credit Valley Site)

Peel Regional is located at 2200 Eglinton Ave West in Mississauga. One resident is accepted at this location every two years.



Treatments and Techniques used at PRCC

  • IMRT/VMAT/IGRT for external beam Radiation Therapy Prostate, Lung, upper GI, Anal  Canal, H&N  Lymphoma and palliative if needed
  • SBRT for lung and body
  • SRS (linac VMAT and Brain Lab) for CNS
  • Skin HDR brachytherapy
  • Prostate HDR Brachytherapy
  • Sites treated:  GU, Breast, GI, Lung, Gynae, Skin, lymphoma, CNS and Palliative.

Vendors used at PRCC

  • Six Varian Linacs (3 iX with OBI and 3 TrueBeam with advanced imaging system: 2 with HD MLC and FFF beams  and 1 with 6OF couch)
  • Varian ARIA Radiation Oncology Information  System and Eclipse Treatment Planning System
  • BrainLab stereotactic cones and treatment planning for Stereotactic Radiotherapy
  • 2 Philips large bore 4D CTSim
  • Elekta HDR Brachytherapy (Flexitron 40 Channel afterloader) OncentraBrachy HDR planning
  • Elekta Oncentra Prostate (real time US based prostate HDR)
  • Varian Variseed (prostate permanent seed implant planning system)
  • Sun Nuclear ArcCheck, Mapcheck – QA3, Profiler –  IBA Dosimetry (Blue phantom water tank)

Research Highlights

  • Treatment planning automation, process control and quality assurance in Eclipse TPS
  • Treatment outcome and toxicity control for prostate treatment
  • Image QA automation
  • Small field Dosimetry

Site Coordinator

Raxa Sankreacha

Contact Information: raxa.sankreacha@trilliumhealthpartners.ca


Durham Regional Cancer Centre, Lakeridge Health

Lakeridge is located at 1 Hospital Court in Oshawa. One resident is accepted at this location every two years.



Treatments and Techniques used at Lakeridge

  • IMRT/VMAT/IGRT for external beam Radiation Therapy
  • Prostate, Gynae and Skin HDR brachytherapy
  • Prostate LDR brachytherapy
  • SBRT for lung
  • SRS for brain metastases
  • Sites treated: GU, Breast, GI, Lung, Gynae, Skin, Lymphoma, Palliative

Vendors used at Lakeridge

  • Elekta Linacs (Synergy and Infinity)
  • Elekta HDR (Nucletron Microselectron)
  • Elekta Oncentra (Oncentra HDR planning)
  • Elekta Oncentra Prostate (real time US based prostate HDR)
  • Varian Variseed (prostate permanent seed implant planning system)
  • Siemens Linacs (Artiste)
  • Siemens CT simulators (large bore, 40 and 64 slice, 4DCT)
  • Siemens MRI
  • Elekta TPS (Monaco)
  • Elekta ROIS (Mosaiq)
  • Sun Nuclear (ArcCheck, Mapcheck, QA3, Profiler)
  • IBA Dosimetry (Blue phantom water tank)

Research Highlights

  • Implementation of MRI based cervix HDR
  • Evaluation and implementation of an applicator library for HDR
  • Evaluation of IGRT using MV conebeam CT
  • Continuous quality improvement and evaluation of technology implementation

Site Coordinator

Dr. Katharina Sixel

Contact Information: ksixel@lakeridgehealth.on.ca


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret is located at 610 University Ave in Toronto. Each year an average of two residents are accepted at this location (four in the program at any one time).



Treatments and Techniques used at Princess Margaret

  • External Beam RT (Linac):
    • 3D Conformal
    • IMRT
    • VMAT
    • SBRT
    • IGRT
    • TBI
  • Orthovoltage
  • Brachytherapy
    • Permanent Seed Implant
    • PDR
    • HDR
    • Eye Plaque Program 
  • Specialized Techniques
    • SRS

Vendors used at Princess Margaret

  • Treatment Planning Systems: Philips (Pinnacle), Varian (BrachyVision), Elekta (Oncentra), Raystation
  • Linear Accelerators: Varian and Elekta
  • SRS: Elekta (Perfexion/GammaKnife)
  • Imaging (Simulation): GE, Toshiba, Philips
  • HDR: Elekta (Nucletron)

Research Highlights

  • IGRT (including CBCT research and the MRgRT Project)
  • Treatment Planning Related Research
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Deformable Registration and Does Accumulation
  • Automated Planning
  • Margin Design
  • Automated QC
  • Quality Assurance and Safety Related Research
  • Small Animal Radiotherapy
  • Imaging (PET, SPECT, MR)
  • Dosimetry
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Brachytherapy, including MR-guided brachytherapy

Site Coordinator

Dr. Patricia Lindsay

Contact Information: Patricia.Lindsay@rmp.uhn.ca


Stronach Regional Cancer Centre

Stronach is located at 596 Davis Drive in Newmarket. Each year, one resident is accepted at this location.



Treatments and Techniques used at Stronach

  • Conformal RT for palliative treatment
  • IMRT and IGRT for most of radical and some palliative treatment
  • VMAT for prostate and esophagus sites

Vendors used at Stronach

  • Elekta linear accelerators
  • Elekta MosaiQ radiation oncology information system
  • Philips Pinnacle treatment planning system
  • Philips Big Bore CT simulator

Research Highlights

Stronach Regional Cancer Centre is actively engaged in research activities in Radiation Medicine. Besides participation in clinical trials, we are also active in developing new clinical techniques for radiation treatment, for example, active breath control for all left breast treatment, VMAT treatment for esophagus site and 4D CBCT for SBRT lung. We reported findings in the form publication in peer review journals or presentation in international meetings. We are also interested in developing new QA techniques and processes. We recently developed a technique for QA of jaw matching with the MapCheck device and published the result in Medical Physics. In addition, education research includes development of IGRT refresher module which can be used in radiation programs for continuing education.

Site Coordinator

Dr. Ivan Yeung

Contact Information: iyeung@southlakeregional.org


Sunnybrook – Odette Cancer Centre

Sunnybrook is located at 2075 Bayview Avenue in Toronto. Each year, on average, two residents are accepted at this location.



Treatments and Techniques used at Sunnybrook

  • External Beam – 3DCRT, Electrons, IMRT, VMAT
  • Brachytherapy – Permanent Seed Implants (Prostate and Breast) and HDR (Prostate, Gynae, other)
  • SRS, fSRT, and SBRT
  • PDT
  • Orthovoltage
  • I-131 Thyroid Ablation

Vendors used at Sunnybrook

  • Elekta Linacs (SLi, Beam Modulators with robotic couch, Agility)
  • Elekta MosaiQ
  • Elekta Nucletron HDR Remote Afterloader
  • Philips 3T MRI Simulator
  • Philips Wide Bore CT Simulators

Research Highlights

  • SBRT Implementation
  • Brachytherapy Innovation
  • HIFU
  • PDT
  • 4D Treatment planning
  • Tomotherapy Planning
  • Monaco Treatment Planning
  • MR-Linac Research Projects
  • CBCT Imaging
  • MR Imaging
  • Adaptive Radiotherapy Solutions

Site Coordinator

Dr. Brian Keller

Contact Information: Brian.Keller@sunnybrook.ca