Radiation Oncology

Information for Radiation Oncology Residents

Residency Schedule

Questions about the residency schedule should be directed to Catherine Wong at catherinek.wong@utoronto.ca (all sites) or Cheryl Marcelo at cheryl.marcelo@rmp.uhn.ca (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) or Lorelie Lacson at lorelie.lacson@sunnybrook.ca (Odette Cancer Centre)

Resident Wellness

U of T is committed to supporting Resident wellness. The PGME Office offers a number of resources for residents including:

  • family doctor registry
  • guidance to GP-psychotherapists available to see residents for counseling
  • referrals to other professionals as needed regarding career uncertainty, academic problems, or mental health concerns
  • contact information to offices in the UofT community
  • stress-busting workshops

Resident Travel Awards

A limited amount of funding is available. Please contact the program coordinator for details.

Residency Verification

UT-DRO will provide verification of training within the UT-DRO Residency Program to any verification service or institution, with permission to request the verification from the individual in question.

This service is available for a fee of $200. Verification will only proceed after payment and permission is received.

Remit payment to the University of Toronto

attn: Catherine Wong
149 College St, Suite 504
Toronto, ON M5T 1P5

Please contact Catherine Wong if you have questions, at catherinek.wong@utoronto.ca