RTi3 Conference


RTi3 is Canada's premier annual meeting for the Radiation Therapy community. RTi3 is committed to advancing the science and practice of Radiation Therapy, showcasing the latest research and clinical innovations.


RTi3 2022 will be held on Friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th, 2022. 

Program Goals

  • To disseminate the latest evidence in radiation therapy to inform and stimulate clinical practice
  • To provide learning opportunities for practitioners to update their clinical knowledge
  • To facilitate networking and communication and the development of professional communities of practice

Learning Objectives

  • To gain new knowledge and understanding on: the innovative application of radiotherapy technology, factors influencing clinical outcomes, quality improvement in radiotherapy, and patient and supportive care
  • To inform practice knowledge and clinical skills through lectures and workshops on current and new practice models and strategies
  • To discuss challenges and opportunities related to advanced practice initiatives, career specialization and development, and education and research endeavors

CME Credits

The 2022 RTi3 Conference will be an accredited event. Credits TBA. 

More information

Planning Team for RTi3 2021

  • Darby Erler, Co-Chair (Odette)
  • Grace Lee, Co-Chair (Princess Margaret)
  • Laura D'Alimonte, Past Co-Chair (WRH)
  • Michael Velec, Past Co-Chair (Princess Margaret)
  • Mikki Campbell (Odette)
  • Martin Chai (Michener/UHN)
  • Ruvette Coelho  (Durham)
  • Lisa Di Prospero (JMIRS)
  • Evan Donohue (UTDRO)
  • Meghan Ward (UTDRO)
  • Olga Pidhirska (UTDRO)
  • Nawroz Fatima (CVH)
  • Michelle Greig (RVH)
  • Vickie Kong (Princess Margaret)
  • Winnie Li  (Princess Margaret)
  • Brian Liszewski (Ontario Health CCO)
  • Shaziya Malam (Southlake)
  • Merrylee McGuffin (Odette)
  • Tara Rosewall (UTDRO Radiation Therapy Faculty)
  • Ewa Szumacher (UTDRO CPED)
  • Kieng Tan (Princess Margaret)
  • Meaghan Stayzer (UTDRO/Michener MRS Student Rep)
  • Paige Lau (UTDRO/Michener MRS Student Rep)
  • Mauli Rakesh Shah (UTDRO/Michener MRS Student Rep)
  • Caitlyn Marie Lazar (UTDRO/Michener MRS Student Rep)