ASTRO 2017UTDRO is the home to over 180 faculty, over 370 trainees, and over 2000 alumni around the world (2016). We have always worked hard to attract the best candidates to our professions, and constantly strive to realize our mission of Preparing Future Radiation Oncology Leaders. We take great pride in the successes of our alumni.

As a UTDRO Alumnus, you are part of a global radiation medicine community of thought leaders providing excellent patient care, creating knowledge, leading change, and paving the way for the next generation of radiation medicine professionals.

Since 2010, the UTDRO alumni event at ASTRO has served to renew friendships and establish new ones. Since 2015, we celebrated the legacy of our first departmental chair Dr. Bernard Cummings by acknowledging the most accomplished trainee through the B.J. Cummings Award for Research Excellence. In 2016, we remembered the trail blazing work of Dr. Pamela Catton by establishing the Pamela Catton Award for Inter-Professional Education and Care. That same year, we also established the Rising Star Award recognizing excellence in research in a new faculty member. In 2018, we will be celebrating the first UTDRO Alumni Award to recognize the achievements of our alumni as they make their mark in the global community beyond UTDRO.

The UTDRO Alumni Association invites trainees to be active members upon graduation. Please remember to update your contact information with the UTDRO office to make sure we can reach you. As a member of the UTDRO alumni association, you will:

  • Receive the UTDRO e-newsletter
  • Receive invitations to UTDRO CEPD events
  • Be invited to serve as international mentors for our trainees
  • Gain access to alumni contact information through the UTDRO office
  • Be eligible for the UTDRO Alumni Award
  • Be eligible for discounted rates for Accelerated Education Program Education offerings

If you have any suggestions, please email

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