Continuing Appointment Review

Upon completion of the third year of a new Academic Appointment, Faculty members will be subject to a Continuing Appointment Review (formerly known as a Three-Year Review). Download the Three-Year Appointment Review Procecedure document to learn more about what to expect during this review process.

Prior to the start of the review process, you will receive a letter of notification for the review. This letter outlines all the required documents and process.

The Three-Year Review involves the submission of a current U of T formatted CV, Teaching Table Summary, and a Three-Year Review Cover Letter. The UTDRO office will notify faculty members as to their submission deadline and review date. Guides for both the CV and Teaching Dossier can be found below.

CV Guide for Three Year Review:

Where possible, use U of T prescribed CV format.

The Three-Year Review Cover Letter should be a reflection on your academic career, especially what you have accomplished during your current academic appointment and on your future directions for the next five years.  Please also note any leaves or other factors that may have interfered with the achievement of your goals.  This letter should not be a reiteration of the activities in your CV, but instead a reflection on this accomplishments and how they have influenced your work, especially anything that has had national or international impact.

Three Year Review Teaching Table Summary - Microsoft Office document iconThree-Year-Review-Teaching-Table-Summary.doc (101 KB)

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