Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is advisory to the Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology. The Committee provides advice on major policy issues affecting the Department. Members of the Committee also facilitate communication between the faculty and the Chair.


Role Member

Fei-Fei Liu

Chief, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Fei-Fei Liu

Chief, Odette Cancer Centre

Greg Czarnota

Vice Chair, Education

Rebecca Wong

Vice Chair, Research

Michael Milosevic

Vice Chair, Clinical

Shun Wong

Director, Research

Marianne Koritzinsky

Director, Radiation Oncology Residency

Andrea Bezjak

Director, Physics Residency

Andrea McNiven

Director, Fellowship

Peter Chung

Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

Derek Tsang

Director, Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiation Sciences

Cate Palmer

Director, Equity, Professionalism, and Social Responsibility

Charles Catton

co-Directors, Continuing Education & Professional Development

Barbara-Ann Millar and Ewa Szumacher 

Director, Communications

Claire McCann

Physics Representative, Odette Cancer Centre

Stephen Breen

Manager, UTDRO Evan Donohue
Member, Odette Cancer Centre

William Chu

Member, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Michael Velec

Member, Community

Woodrow Wells