Evening Series - The Academic Appointments and Promotion Journey

February 8, 2018

Panelists: Fei-Fei Liu, Shun Wong, Catherine Coolens, Rebecca Wong, Patrick Cheung, David Hodgson, Gerard Morton

Agenda and Objectives:

Dr. Fei-Fei Liu, Dr. Shun Wong - Academic Promotions/Appointments/3-Year Reviews (The Big Picture)

View the slides from Drs. Fei-Fei Liu and Shun Wong HERE

  • To briefly describe the UTDRO Promotions/Appointments/3-year Review process.
  • To provide advice for those faculty preparing for Promotions/Reviews.
  • To describe criteria for references and external reviewer and advice regarding whom to ask.
  • To describe relevant timelines for the Promotions process.

Dr. Rebecca Wong, Dr. Gerard Morton - On Teaching Effectiveness

View the slides from Dr. Rebecca Wong HERE

View the slides from Dr. Morton HERE

  • To describe the Teaching Effectiveness Committee, including who it comprises of.
  • To describe what a Teaching Dossier is.
  • To provide tips on how to successfully prepare a Teaching Dossier and Teaching Table Summary.

Dr. David Hodgson - Inside The Decanal Promotions Committee

View the slides from Dr. Hodgson HERE

  • To describe the Decanal Promotions Committee.
  • To discuss how this committee works and reports to the Dean.

Dr. Catherine Coolens, Dr. Patrick Cheung - Practical Tips

  • To discuss personal experiences of going through the Promotions process
  • To offer advice for future candidates.