Target Insight: Innovation Award

The Target Insight 2020 Innovation Award recognizes individuals/teams whose work in the areas of data science/big data/machine learning/artificial intelligence has resulted in a change in the practice of radiation oncology with an impact on patient outcomes. The scope of innovation could include but not confined to methodology, data federation, governance, implementation, and/or ethical issues.

With a maximum of 1000 words, describe the innovation including the following:

  • What was the objective of the innovation?
  • What was the key challenge you need to address behind this innovation?
  • What were the strategies used to address the challenge?
  • What is the impact of the innovation?
  • In what way has your innovation improved patient outcomes?

Supporting documents (where available)

  • Provide URL for any online resources associated with this entry
  • Provide any publication associated with this entry

Top award winners will be invited to present their work and honoured at the Toronto conference 2020.

Scoring criteria for Innovation Award

  1. The innovation objective(s)/hypothesis clearly stated
  2. The innovation addressed an important problem
  3. The innovation is expected to have a major impact in the practice of radiation medicine
  4. There is an implementation plan for the innovation or it has been adopted into clinical practice
  5. The impact in the practice of radiation medicine has been described

Innovation Award Submission Opens: Monday, December 2, 2019

Innovation Award Submission Closes: Friday, February 21, 2020 at midnight

Please submit your application at