Samantha Bulger

Samantha Bulger from Hamilton, Ontario Samantha Bulger
Radiation Therapy, Class of 2019


I have always enjoyed science and math, but I also love reading, even though English class was never my strong suit. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series, and almost anything by Stephen King. In my free time, I enjoy collecting records, playing guitar, and bargain hunting at thrift stores.

What and where did you study before joining MRS?

I previously studied Biochemistry at McMaster University.

Where is your clinical placement?

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

What attracted you to the MRS program?

I have always been interested in Radiation Therapy, ever since I heard about it while I was in high school. During my undergraduate studies, I spent time looking into other careers in the sciences and healthcare, but was often drawn back to this field. I love science but I did not like the idea of being at a lab bench or desk all day. I also love helping others, and interacting with patients. This program gave me the chance to combine both of those passions. Working with technology that is always advancing and changing was another reason I was drawn to this program. There are always opportunities to learn more about the field since it is constantly evolving. I was also drawn to this program because it is only 3 years, and it offers hands on experience in lab and at clinic.

How is MRS different from your previous university experience?

MRS is different because the classes are small, so you get to know everyone in your class and all of your teachers really well. It is a great learning environment because it makes it easier to approach your teachers when you need help. It is also easier to make study groups, and to practice practical skills together since you get to know most of the class very well.

Once you decided to pursue this field, why did you choose to study with us?

I wanted to stay close to home to study, and the only other program nearby was longer than the MRS Program. After completing an undergraduate degree, I wanted the fastest route to the workforce.

What do you like best about the program?

I love the hands-on learning experience in labs with the same machines we will see and use in clinic, and the opportunity to learn in clinic for over 9 months.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities at U of T or Michener?

This past year I was VP of administration for the MRS student society, VP of Michener’s Charity Committee, and VP of the IPHSA Education Committee. I enjoy planning events and learning about other students’ experiences.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I plan to put all my efforts into finding work in my field in Canada, and gaining experience. I am also interested in pursuing research in Radiation Therapy.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are considering the program/profession?

I think it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the career that you would end up in at the end of any program. Try to figure out if that career is for you: imagine yourself doing that job, think about your likes and dislikes to decide if you can see yourself in that career for an extended period of time. I recommend getting in touch with any current professionals in that career, and students in the program to ask as many questions as you can. It is important to choose a career that you will enjoy.


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