Promotions Information & Application

The following resources will help you prepare your CV and Teaching Dossier to match U of T’s standardized requirements.

The 2020 Departmental Promotions Committee membership is listed below:

  • Shun Wong (Chair)
  • Laura Dawson
  • David Hodgson
  • Fei-Fei Liu
  • Michael Milosevic
  • Gerard Morton
  • Rebecca Wong
  • Evan Donohue

Junior Promotions

Please note there are two application deadlines for this process annually.

Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor is considered when a faculty member:

  • Completes an Advanced Degree. If the faculty member holding a Lecturer appointment completes a recognized graduate program, he/she should be considered for promotion to Assistant Professor rank. The program must have been completed as documented by successful defense of a thesis or awarding of the degree before submission of the request for appointment. It is expected that the candidate will have at least five published peer-reviewed publications at the time of request for appointment.


  • Demonstrates sustained commitment to academic mission. If a faculty member demonstrates a sustained commitment to teaching, research and/or creative professional activity over a period of time as a Lecturer, he/she may be considered for appointment at the Assistant Professor rank. An application based on teaching excellence should be supported by a teaching dossier, which has been approved by the Departmental Appointments Committee (or Departmental Promotions Committee, as appropriate) for promotion to Assistant Professor rank. This could also be evidenced by advanced training experience deemed to be equivalent to a Master’s level program. In some cases one to two years of fellowship training or one to two years teaching certificate programs will be considered the equivalent to an advance degree. The timeline for such appointments is expected to conform to Departmental standards, often up to three years.

Sustained excellence in teaching is a possible criterion for promotion to this rank. To be promoted to assistant professor on the basis of excellent teaching alone, a lecturer would have to have ratings in the outstanding range 4.8-5.0/5 and capture high profile teaching awards for 5 years or more.

Applications for Junior Appointments must include:

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae in proper format (in 3/5 publications, candidate must be first author)
  • Teaching Dossier
  • A copy of the initial offer of Academic Appointment letter signed by the Chair and appointee
  • Three Internal letters of reference in addition to a letter of support by the candidate’s Department Head or immediate supervisor

Senior Promotions

Candidates who are recommended to proceed for promotion by the Departmental Promotions Committee will be asked to submit a full dossier.

Your application should include the following documents:

  • Current formatted CV
  • Data Summary tables (Tables 3,4,5,7)
  • Referee tables (Tables 1,2,6). Please provide 5 names for each category.
  • Teaching and Education Report (Quantitative)
  • Teaching Dossier

View templates and guides for these materials.

Candidates who are recommended to proceed by the Departmental Promotions Committee will be asked to submit further documents.

For more information about deadlines and application processes, please email Evan Donohue at