UTDRO Research Day 2020 Book of Submitted Abstracts – Now Available

Aug 4, 2020

UTDRO’s Research Day 2020 was scheduled for May 6, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing response to COVID-19, UTDRO made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event.

Despite the many challenges due to the global pandemic that have impacted research programs across the University of Toronto, UTDRO continues to demonstrate resilience and our faculty have pulled together to carry on with practice-changing and high-impact research. This reflects the ongoing dedication to our exceptional training program, patients, and the community.

On behalf of the UTDRO Research Day Organizing Committee, we are proud to showcase the outstanding research of our faculty and trainees in this Research Day 2020 Book of Submitted Abstracts.

Although this year’s format is unconventional due to the cancellation of the planned in-person event, it nevertheless highlights the extraordinary work of UTDRO researchers across several academic areas including education, basic science, clinical science, and the physical sciences. Importantly, despite the many challenges in the past months, we continue to collaborate and innovate.

Here, we recognize the remarkable efforts of our trainees in radiation oncology, therapy, physics, as well as graduate students in our affiliate programs. The projects are indeed a reflection of expertise across all UTDRO clinical and academic sites. The emerging work on radiomics, clinical epidemiology, and molecular medicine are some of the highlighted research themes in this year’s report. We hope this will spark more discussions, even if done virtually.

Thank you to all our trainees and supervisors for your hard work in driving these innovations and projects forward.

And congratulations to this year's Research Day Awards winners!

  • R. S. Bush Award - Academic Excellence in Research by a Radiation Oncology Fellow: Dr. Shivakumar Gudi
  • J. R. Cunningham Award - Academic Excellence in Research by a Physics Resident: Dr. Lee MacDonald
  • Richard P. Hill Award - Academic Excellence in Research by a Graduate Student: Drs. Mary Shi and Michael Sandhu
  • W. J. Simpson Award - Academic Excellence in Research by a Radiation Oncology Resident: Drs. Jennifer Kwan and Kang Liang Zeng
  • Chair's Award for Academic Excellence in Research: Dr. Meetakshi Gupta