Congratulations to the MRS Class of 2021!

Jun 23, 2021

On Wednesday, June 2nd, the Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) Program at the University of Toronto celebrated the graduating class of 2021 in an online MRS Convocation Reception and Awards Ceremony. We were honoured to host and be a part of this important milestone, that was planned in addition to the University of Toronto’s Spring Convocation 2021 Ceremony, which is being held virtually on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

The Ceremony started with a moment of reflection – one that was called upon by the recent heartbreaking discovery of the 215 children’s remains found at the former Indian Residential School in Kamloops, B.C. Cathryne Palmer, Director, Medical Radiation Sciences Program, Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto, began by acknowledging the trauma and the collective grief experienced by the Indigenous communities across the country. Graduands and guests were asked to think about their own actions and responsibilities as healthcare practitioners and human beings, to affect positive change and well-being for Indigenous Peoples.

Over 90 guests joined the virtual celebration from around the world to support our 84 graduands across three areas of study: Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology, Radiological Technology, and Radiation Therapy. Full list is below.

Words of wisdom and congratulations were shared by Cathryne Palmer (Director, Medical Radiation Sciences Program), Dr. Lynn Wilson (Vice Dean, Clinical and Faculty Affairs, Temerty Faculty of Medicine), Dr. Harvey Weingarten (Principal of the School of Applied Health Sciences, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN), and Dr. Fei-Fei Liu (Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto).

We are immensely proud of each of our graduands and recognize the effort, resilience and hard work that it took to excel in the MRS Program, especially while navigating the significant challenges and changes caused by the pandemic.

Graduands, welcome to the University of Toronto’s Radiation Oncology Alumni Community! We wish you great success on your journey ahead!

Congratulations MRS Class of 2021!


MRS Graduating Undergraduate Students

Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology:

  • Abdirizak Ali
  • Adam Prodeus
  • Beom-Ju Lee
  • Caitlin Fensom
  • Danielle Mason
  • Joel David Teeuwsen
  • Kevin Lavoie
  • Kiley Alisha Brown
  • Kwaku Jr. Amoako Boatey
  • Oksana Anna Kaczala
  • Raida Raza
  • Ying Han Chia

Radiological Technology:

  • Ashkan Ashraf Tabib
  • Austin Paliga
  • Bahareh Joorab Pourian
  • Baltej Gill
  • Bobby Ngo
  • Christina Rankin
  • Doreen Banh
  • Emmina Bensan
  • Fan Wu
  • Heather Pangilinan
  • Henry Che
  • Henry Lee
  • Jelena Helen Lukic
  • Jenna Khattab
  • Joyce Wing Yan Chan
  • Julius Ventura Ventura
  • Kristen Smith
  • Kyeong Bae Lee
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Ling Tung
  • Marianne Romantico Dimabogti
  • Michelle La
  • Mohammad Suleman Sherzai
  • Nadiya Khosravi
  • Nathan Grossi
  • Ngo Jacqueline Lien
  • Nicholas Joseph Beaulac
  • Ran Zhou
  • Rhine Victor Pamaong
  • Shannon Rose Oosthuyzen
  • Stephanie Torchia
  • Supriya Khatri
  • Todd Jeffery Laurindo
  • Tony Dongyu Xie
  • Tooba Khan
  • Tzu Hsin Lu
  • Weison Tang

Radiation Therapy:

  • Alexandra Anne Reynolds
  • Alison Dewancker
  • Andie Saade
  • Andrea Gladys Wilyman
  • Anh Thi Kim Hoang
  • Beant Brar
  • Breanne Elicia Lim
  • Chin Yin Lin
  • Cory Yu
  • Emily Ramchand
  • Imama Bint-E Adnan
  • Isabelle Victoria Ellard
  • Jay Chi Ho Tam
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • John Wilfred Sales
  • Katelyn Ann Gow
  • Kayla Jo Mah
  • Kelly Guo
  • Marco Mueller
  • Matthew Dale Dixon
  • Meaghan Stayzer
  • Mikhayla Simons
  • Ngoc Nguyen
  • Paige Lau
  • Qianyu Chu
  • Rachel Thorpe
  • Raghiba Bhatti
  • Rebecca Louise Swift
  • Richard Ramirez Johnson
  • Senthuoran Karthigesu
  • Shani Rachel Hazan
  • Vanessa Hui Tung Wan
  • Vivian Hoang
  • Yan Yan Selina Zhou
  • Yannie Tse

Award Recipients

Award Medals to the MRS students with the highest CGPAs

  • Gold Medal: Danielle Mason
  • Silver Medal: Austin Paliga
  • Bronze Medal: Katelyn Ann Gow

Research in Practice Awards

  • Award of Excellence, Radiological Technology: Doreen Banh
  • Honourable Mention, Radiological Technology: Tony Xie
  • Award of Excellence, Radiation Therapy: Alexandra Anne Reynolds
  • Award of Excellence, Radiation Therapy: Andie Saade
  • Award of Excellence, Radiation Therapy: Mikhayla Simons
  • Award of Excellence, Radiation Therapy: Meghan Stayzer

Research Informing Practice Awards in Nuclear Medicine

  • Award of Excellence: Oksana Anna Kaczala
  • Honourable Mention: Ying Han Chia

Volunteer Awards

  • Alison Dewancker
  • Andie Saade
  • Caitlin Fensom
  • Joyce Chan
  • Kayla Mah
  • Marianne Dimabogti
  • Meaghan Stayzer
  • Nadiya Khosravi
  • Paige Lau
  • Raida Raza
  • Shani Hazan
  • Supriya Khatri
  • Tony Xie
  • Vanessa Wan
  • Weison Tang