Congratulations to the MRS Class of 2020!

Jun 10, 2020


On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, the Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) Program at the University of Toronto celebrated the convocating class of 2020 in an MRS Convocation Reception. This celebration is in addition to the University of Toronto’s Spring Convocation 2020 Ceremony, presented virtually on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. You can watch the convocation video here

We know how hard our students have worked and this was an opportunity to celebrate their achievements. Over 80 attendees joined via Zoom across the country to celebrate with their colleagues and loved ones online as they embark on a new journey - and this is the beauty of technology, it allows us to connect no matter how near or far we reside!

Congratulations again to the 82 undergraduates (see list below) of the MRS program within the following three areas of study: Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology had 12 graduates; Radiological Technology had 35 graduates; and Radiation Therapy had 35 graduates.

During the event, MRS leadership, Dr. Patricia Houston (Vice Dean, MD Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto), Dr. Brian Hodges (Chief Medical Officer & Executive Vice President, Education, University Health Network), and Dr. Fei-Fei Liu (Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto) said a few words to commemorate our undergraduates’ successes and impart some words of wisdom as they begin their careers as healthcare professionals.

Cathryne Palmer, Director of the Medical Radiation Sciences Program, congratulated the graduating class of 2020 and announced this year’s MRS award winners, including Highest Cumulative GPAs, excellence in research and clinical projects, and volunteer activities within the MRS program. See the complete list of winners below – congratulations!

We are immensely proud of our graduates, and we welcome you to the University of Toronto’s Radiation Oncology Alumni Community and wish you great success on your journey ahead!

MRS Class of 2020

MRS Graduating Undergraduate Students

Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology:

  • David Dao
  • Bradley Fenwick
  • Janet Hong
  • Junhyun Oh
  • Mahsa Rezazadeh-Shahi
  • Andrea Sereda
  • Yunyu Shi
  • Janezel Sualog
  • Megan Summers
  • Nina Marie Tan Yee
  • Andrea Vaz
  • Diem Huong Vu

Radiological Technology:

  • Sarah Abdul-Jalil
  • Ibrahim Abouelnaga
  • Amanda Allan
  • Melissa Andrew
  • Rachel Antony
  • Danielle Auciello
  • Omidullah Borhaan
  • Dylan Brown
  • Patrick Brown
  • Zachary Buim
  • Jessica Chu
  • Patrick-Antony Dagher
  • Cecilia Sin-Ling Hau
  • Myunghee Jeon
  • Neena Johnson
  • Mathias Kocsis
  • Lilian Kong
  • Wan Shan Serena Li
  • Chevonne Liu
  • Maryan Mahdi
  • Alexandra Moffatt
  • Bharvita Nakum
  • Imen Namazi
  • Alexander Ng
  • Cleon Chuong Ngo Nguyen
  • Madelyn Pristanski
  • Peranavi Sarvananthan
  • Brittany Shum
  • Sheena Singh
  • Marienell Talla
  • Christian Tarea
  • Subanki Thangarajah
  • Aron Tsehaye
  • Joey Zhang
  • Cheng Zou

Radiation Therapy:

  • Matthew Aitcheson
  • Sidra Baig
  • Meagan Carty
  • Hillary Hei Man Chan
  • Axelle Marine Carmagnole
  • Arsalan Chaudhry
  • Tiffany Chi-Yee Chung
  • Nicholas Geggie-Hurst
  • Kristen Germani
  • Gabriel Guitian
  • Chantal Harrison
  • Melissa Hector
  • Noorkhatun Jivraj
  • Zoriana Kilyk
  • Ki-Beom Kim
  • Tam Thanh Le
  • Stephanie Mannella
  • Matthew McEvoy
  • Amarjit Minhas
  • Harneet Mukkar
  • Nishitaben Patel
  • Riya Dipak Patel
  • Rushi Patel
  • Vanessa Pulice
  • Amber Robinson
  • Amrita Singh
  • Mansahil Singh
  • Ka Foon Siu
  • Masfa Tariq
  • Chelsea Anne Testa
  • Joshua Torchia
  • Cindy Vothi
  • Tina Wu
  • Syeda Zaidi
  • Javeriya Zia

Award Recipients

Award Medals to the MRS students with the highest CGPAs

  • Gold Medal: Matthew Aitcheson
  • Silver Medal: Peranavi Sarvananthan
  • Bronze Medal: Tiffany Chi-Yee Chung

Research Awards

  • Award for Excellence in Research Methods: Joshua Francesco Torchia
  • Honourable Mention in Research Methods: Tina Wu      

Clinical Project Awards in the Radiological Technology and Radiation Therapy disciplines

  • Award for Excellence in Clinical Project, Radiological Technology: Patrick Brown and Madelyn K. Pristanski       
  • Honourable Mention in Clinical Project, Radiological Technology: Cecilia Hau and Subanki Thangarajah
  • Award for Excellence in Radiation Therapy: Harneet Mukkar     
  • Honourable Mention in Clinical Project, Radiation Therapy: Matthew Aitcheson

Research Informing Practice Awards in Nuclear Medicine

  • Award for Excellence in Nuclear Medicine: Megan Summers
  • Honourable Mention in Research Informing Practice, Nuclear Medicine: Andrea Isabel Maria Vaz

Volunteer Awards

  • Sarah Abdul-Jalil
  • Danielle Auciello
  • Chantal Madelyn Harrison
  • Chevonne Liu
  • Stephanie Allissa Mannella
  • Vanessa Pulice
  • Andrea Mary Sereda
  • Amrita Singh
  • Marienell Talla
  • Cristian Tarea
  • Masfa Tariq
  • Chelsea Testa
  • Aron Tsehaye
  • Diem Vu
  • Tina Wu