2020 UTDRO Collaborative Seed Grant Announcement

Jul 24, 2020

Spring 2020 Competition Results

The Department of Radiation Oncology is pleased to announce that the Spring 2020 UTDRO Collaborative Seed Grant has been awarded to Dr. Eric Leung, et al for their study titled, "SPARTACUS II – A Randomized Phase II Feasibility Trial on Hypofractionated Radiation versus Conventional Fractionation in Endometrial Cancers”.

The Research Committee notes that this is an important study that is very relevant to radiation medicine and could quite possibly lead to change in practice for patients with endometrial cancers. It will further establish UTDRO as leaders in this area and should lead to future trials.

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Leung (PI) and the Co-Principal Investigators; Drs. Toni Barnes (SHSC), Patrick Cheung (SHSC), Melanie Davidson (SHSC), Elysia Donovan (SHSC), Anthony Fyles (UHN), Adam Gladwish (RVH), Kathy Han (UHN), Andrew Loblaw (SHSC), Julia Skliarenko (RVH), Amandeep Taggar (SHSC) and Jasper Yuen (CVH).


Fall 2020 Competition Announcement

UTDRO is pleased to announce that it will hold another competition in Fall 2020 to continue to encourage and strengthen collaboration across the UTDRO community. This program would not be possible without the continued support of our hospital and practice plan partners across the UTDRO.

The competition is open to all UTDRO faculty members with an emphasis on cross-institutional collaboration.

Please refer to the Program Guidelines for application details and evaluation criteria. The application forms are available at Application Forms. The submission should consist of a single pdf file containing all required components.

Applications from all areas and disciplines of radiation medicine research will be considered and will be peer-reviewed based on a common set of criteria.

The deadline for application submission to the UTDRO office (tanya.webb@utoronto.ca) is Friday, September 11 at 5 PM.