UTDRO Alumni Reception @ ASTRO

Oct 26, 2020
Social event

The 11th Annual UTDRO Alumni Reception @ ASTRO will take place on October 26, 2020 in a virtual format this year!

In the virtual reception, you will be able to flow between groups and conversations as you would in a room and participate in conversations of varying sizes. The platform facilitates great connections - don't worry about this being one big room with only a handful of voices!

There is no need to be at ASTRO this year to participate - so join us for the evening and connect with friends from around the globe and see some faces that you won't get to see in person at this year's conference.

We will also be announcing the 2020 recipients of the Pamela Catton Award for Inter-Professional Education and Care, the Bernard J. Cummings Award for Research Excellence by a UTDRO Trainee, and the Rising Star Award.

Registration is required, so sign up early!

Click here to register.