Equity, Professionalism and Social Responsibility

The Equity Office within UT-DRO was established in 2008. The scope of the office was expanded in 2012 to include professionalism and social responsibility.

The primary goal of the office is to ensure that UT-DRO faculty, staff and trainees have access to support in order to address and fulfill University of Toronto’s position on Equity Professionalism and Social Responsibility.

Equity refers to the principle of providing a welcoming and accommodating environment to all including LGBTQ, racialized persons / persons of colour, and persons with disabilities.

Professionalism is reflected by a set of skills and behaviours that validate the trust put in us by our patients, our students, our colleagues, and our society.

Social responsibilities encompass an extremely broad scope. Within the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto, we strive to fulfill this by developing leaders, contributing to our communities, and improving the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge.

Danielle Rodin, the Equity, Inclusion and Professionalism Director, welcomes all faculty members, trainees and students to discuss innovations, initiatives and concerns in these areas.

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