Darian Antaya

Darian Antaya from Waterloo, OntarioDarian Antaya
Radiological Technology, Class of 2019


My name is Darian Antaya and I am in the Radiological Technologist program. I moved to Toronto almost two years ago, and I absolutely love the city, so I knew that Michener would be a good fit for me! Growing up I always had an interest in science. So, I always figured I would have a career in health care, I just never knew what it would be. I am definitely looking forward to having a career where every day is different and where I am constantly learning new things.

What and where did you study before joining MRS?

I did my undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University where I got my Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Where is your clinical placement?

St. Michael’s Hospital.

What attracted you to the MRS program?

After graduation from Laurier, I really didn’t know what to do. So, I was just applying to anything that interested me. One of my good friends who was in her first year in the Radiological Technology program recommended that I check out the program because she really liked it. It seemed like something that I could really like too so, I decided to apply.

How is MRS different from your previous university experience?

Michener has such a small feel to it – in a good way! The lectures (for the most part) are only the Rad Tech program, so they are really small. But I think the best part is how small the labs are. There were only 8 students per lab, so you really got one on one time with the instructors. The small lab settings allowed me to get a lot more hands-on experience compared to my undergrad. I feel like I have gotten a lot more out of my time spent in class in this program than I did when my classes were all just lecture based.

Once you decided to pursue this field, why did you choose to study with us?

Initially, I was really excited about moving to Toronto so, that was one of the main deciding factors for me. But I also really liked the idea of having such a small class size because attending large lectures during my undergraduate degree were always so intimidating to me. Also, the fact that it is a joint program with the University of Toronto is really great too because both Michener and The University of Toronto both have such great reputations.

What do you like best about the program?

I really liked the clinical placement portion of the program. It was great to go right after first year to kind of feel out whether or not I liked the field. We get to do the second portion of our placement a year later, so we can actually apply more of the skills we learned over the two years of classes. I really enjoyed my time at my clinical placement. I feel like I learned so much by actually working with patients because I got to use what I learned in class and even learn new ways of doing things so that I could adapt to my patient’s conditions.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I think I’m leaning towards working in Toronto as a Radiological Technologist after graduation. I really enjoy working in the general x-ray department, but I am definitely exited to possibly try out other disciplines within the field like CT or mammography.

Are you involved in extracurricular activities (clubs/sports) at U of T or Michener?

No, I didn’t really have time. I had a part time job throughout my time at Michener.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are considering the program/profession?

My advice for prospective students would be to really take advantage of the hands- on learning we get at Michener. There aren’t many educational programs that allow you to spend so much time in labs and with instructors. Really take advantage of the knowledge that your instructors have and never be afraid to ask questions!


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