Andrea Sereda

Andrea Sereda from Thunder Bay, OntarioAndrea Sereda
Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology, Class of 2020


I am definitely an animal lover. My home in Thunder Bay is filled with my many adopted animals such as my cat, rabbit and three dogs. I have a serious problem when it comes to taking in rescues - I just love them so much. I also enjoy going on hikes, swimming, biking and dressing up in cosplay to go to conventions.      

What and where did you study before joining MRS?

Lakehead University, Applied Biomolecular Science with a minor in Anthropology 

Where is your clinical placement?

Sunnybrook Hospital

What attracted you to the MRS program?

My mom works in health care profession as a radiation technologist, and it always interested me growing up. In my undergrad I took classes in anatomy and skeletal anatomy, which increased my interests. I began looking into possibilities for careers in the field, and I discovered nuclear medicine. I had never heard of it before. It was intriguing - the idea of preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals to detect a variety of diseases.  This non-invasive technique seemed like a great way to help people, so I decided to enroll. The program also offers a lot of different job opportunities ranging from research to clinical, which was definitely a pull factor.

How is MRS different from your previous university experience?

The specialized classes are different from my undergrad. The small class makes it feel like the nuclear medicine students are a little family. Everyone helps each other out and we all want everyone to succeed, which makes for a really positive environment. This helps to engage in the learning process ensuring everyone is advancing together.

Once you decided to pursue this field, why did you choose to study with us?

Not only does Michener have a great reputation, it has small class sizes, which I prefer as I get more face time with my instructors. It is also centrally located in downtown Toronto so it is easily accessible. They also guaranteed clinical placement in our final year which is great to obtain clinical experience before beginning our careers. Michener also offers subspecialties in MRI and informatics which furthers learning and career opportunities in the field.

What do you like best about the program?

I really enjoy the nuclear medicine labs. They are hands-on, providing me with the experience that will help me when I begin my clinical placement and future career. Also the instructors are extremely helpful and friendly, giving a lot of advice and tips to improve both my knowledge and skills.

What are your plans for after graduation?

 To work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist hopefully in my home town!

What advice do you have for prospective students who are considering the program/profession?

You have to really enjoy working in the healthcare profession. There are a lot of opportunities to develop your skills and the instructors are always there to help you. During some of the labs you will practice with “fake” patients, these will be dummies or fellow students. It will be awkward at first but if you really engage yourself like they are patients, it will help you for when you enter clinical.


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