Radiation Oncology

Professional Development and Continuing Medical Education Award

The UTDRO Professional Development and Continuing Medical Education Award is an annual award  that is given to a UTDRO faculty member for outstanding contribution to Continuing Medical Education/Professional Development at a local, national or
international level, thereby raising the profile of the university department, and contributing to enrichment of the specialty.

A completed Nomination Form, by a University of Toronto faculty member or trainee and supported by letter of evidence (500-1000 words) that outlines the achievement is required. The award may be given for outstanding scientific contributions, or for
organizational contributions. This can apply equally to a single event or sustained activity.

Past Winners

year awarded to
2018 Laura Dawson
2017 Brian O'Sullivan
2016 Lisa Di Prospero
2015 Stephen Breen and Marco Carlone
2014 David Jaffray
2013 Arjun Sahgal
2012 Not awarded
2011 Nicole Harnett
2010 Tim Craig

Not awarded


Not awarded

2007 Ruth Barker

Not awarded


Not awarded

2004 Cyril Danjoux
2003 Mary Gospodarowicz