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Dr. Scott Bratman 
Dr. Andrea Bezjak - Clinical Trials - methodology, quality of life, lung cancer
Dr. Paul Boutros - Novel computational techniques, Informatics and Bio-computing
Dr. Greg Czarnota - Ultrasound Imaging and Spectroscopy
Dr. Laura Dawson - Cancers and radiation treatments
Dr. Brent Derry - Medical genetics and microbiology
Dr. Dan Durocher- Biological responses to DNA double-strand breaks in eukaryotes
Dr. Craig Earle - Health services research in cancer
Dr. Anthony Fyles - Translational Studies, Gynecologic and Breast Cancer
Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz - Clinical Trials
Dr. Richard Hill - Mechanisms of Metastasis (tumours and hypoxia)
Dr. David Hodgson - Population-Based Health Services & Health Outcomes (long-term radiation effects)
Dr. Tom Hudson - Cancer genomics
Dr. Mitsu Ikura - Signalling biology

Dr. David Jaffray - Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Dr. Shana Kelley - Chemistry and Nanotechnology
Dr. Thomas Kislinger - Proteomics
Dr. Anne Koch - Program Co-director Molecular Radiaton Research (biochemistry of DNA damage and repair)
Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky - Program Co-director Molecular and cellular responses to hypoxia
Dr. Fei-Fei Liu - (Molecular Gene Therapy)
Dr. Geoffrey Liu - Applied Molecular Oncology
Dr. Stanley Liu - Cancer and radiation treatment
Dr. Naomi Matsuura -
Dr. Michael Milosevic - Human Translational Studies (hypoxia & interstitial fluid pressure)
Dr. Linda Penn - Regulation and function of the myc oncogene
Dr. Eileen Rakovitch - Breast cancer and ductal carcinoma in situ
Dr. Raymond Reilly - Molecular imaging and targeted radiotherapy of cancer
Dr. Aaron Schimmer - Translational apoptosis
Dr. Vuk Stambolic - Molecular Radiation Research (signaling)
Dr. Shun Wong - Molecular Radiation Research (CNS radiation damage)
Dr. Bradly Wouters - Tumour hypoxia; mRNA translation; DNA repair; ubiquit


Dr. Kevin Bennewith - Promotion of breast cancer metastasis by tumour hypoxia and myeloid cells
Dr. Ervin Podgorsak - Radiation Therapy
Dr. Jan Seuntjens - Radiation dosimetry, Monte Carlo calculation, Image-guided radiation therapy
Dr. Michael Weinfeld - Cellular response to chemical and radiation-induced stress




Dr. Amato Giaccia - Radiation Oncology - Radiation Biology
Dr. Ruth Muschel - Mechanisms of Metastasis
Dr. Katherine Vallis - Molecular Radiation Research (breast cancer & molecular therapies)

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Scholar List 2018-2019

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

In order to ensure continued excellence in the STARS21 (formerly EIRR21) Training Program, STARS21 undergoes an annual external review by the SAB. This takes place concomitantly with the Annual STARS21 Research Day. The SAB advises the STARS21 PAC on strategies for continued improvement, to achieve the objectives of STARS21Training Program.


Dr. Jim Woodgett (Chair), Director of the SLRI, Toronto
Dr. Michael Joiner, Professor, Wayne State University

Former Members

Professor Gillies McKenna, Chair of Radiation Oncology and Biology, University of Oxford: Medical Sciences Division
Dr. Paul DeLuca, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Dr. Quynh-Thu Le, Professor & Chair DRO, Stanford University

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Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC oversees the operation and the programmatic direction of the STARS21 Training Program. The PAC is responsible for recruitment strategies, setting of policies and procedures for admission, selection of scholars, curriculum development, assessment of overall trainee progress, evaluation of Key Mentors, courses, and overall program quality.

The PAC membership includes the Program co-Directors (Drs. Koch & Koritzinsky), Chair of the PAC (Dr. Liu), Chair of UT-DRO (Dr. Gospodarowicz), and the UT-DRO Director of Research (Dr. Fyles). There is also a scholar representative to the PAC.

Composition of the PAC

Dr. Anne Koch & Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky (Program Co-Directors)
Dr. Fei-Fei Liu (Chair)
Dr. Andrea Bezjak (Mentoring Responsibility)
Dr. Anthony Fyles & Dr. Shun Wong (Admission Responsibility)
Dr. Bradly Wouters (Curriculum Responsibility)
Dr. Shana Kelley & Dr. David Jaffray (General Programmatic Responsibility)

Frequency of Meetings

The PAC meets at a minimum of twice per year. Issues that could be successfully addressed electronically are conducted as such. The entire Research Training Program meets twice per year to ensure continuing progress (fall reception and spring Research Day).

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