Welcoming New Faculty Members




Sixteen new faculty members joined UTDRO in 2015-2016. They represent various disciplines and bring a wealth of experience and skill-set with them.




Dr. Steven Babic is a Medical Physicist and Deputy Lead for external beam radiation therapy at Odette Cancer Centre. In 2014, he led the clinical implementation of Odette’s photodynamic therapy (PDT) program that offers eligible patients an additional treatment option for pre-cancerous and superficial skin cancer lesions. He is presently working on integrating florescence imaging and optical computed tomography into the clinic for patient-specific PDT dosimetry. His research interest lies in developing and implementing a clinical gel dosimetry system that will enable accurate volumetric dose verification and quality assurance of the novel MRI-Linac.



Dr. Alejandro Berlin is a clinician-investigator and a radiation oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. His clinical focus is in the treatment of central nervous system and genitourinary malignancies with personalized approaches combining systemic, external beam radiation and brachytherapy treatments. His main research interests are in innovative clinical trial design, novel imaging methods and MR-guided therapeutics including brachytherapy, and translational oncology focused on the development of novel genomic-based biomarker.



Dr. Jennifer Croke is a clinician-investigator and a radiation oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Her clinical and research areas focus on gynecological malignancies and breast cancer. In particular, she is developing guidelines for radiation therapy quality indicators for locally advanced cervical cancer, as well as evaluating the use of patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice for cervix cancer patients. Additionally, she has an interest in education and teaching, and is currently completing a Masters of Medical Education through Maastricht University.




Dr. Louis Fenkell is a Radiation Oncologist at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. His interests include investigation of novel techniques and technologies for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer that allow for improved cancer targeting and reduced side effects. He is the Cancer Care Ontario Radiation Oncology Prostate Cancer Champion for the Central LHIN.



Dr. Anthony Kim is a Medical Physicist at the Odette Cancer Centre. He leads various clinical developments in treatment planning at Odette, such as the clinical implementation of the flattening filter free beam, and testing and implementation of the Monaco treatment planning system. His research interests are focused on the upcoming MR-Linac; examining issues such as inter- and intra-fraction motion, and its management using adaptation with MR images, deformable image registration quality assurance, and robust planning strategies to manage dose perturbation at air-tissue interfaces due to the magnetic field.



Dr. Renee Korol is the lead physicist for the stereotactic body radiation therapy program at Odette Cancer Centre. Her research interests span from assessing different treatment planning strategies to target localization for SBRT patients with a special interest in GI and oligometastases. This includes the assessment of PTV margins, organ motion and the impact of various immobilization devices. Her vision is to further improve efficiency throughout the treatment process and to integrate MRI.



Nadiya Makhani is a Radiation Therapist working as a Dosimetrist since 1986 at Odette Cancer Centre. With over 40 years of expertise, Nadiya’s teaching has been recognized with 3 Golden Apple Clinical Teaching Awards. She specializes in clinical teaching of the Treatment Planning curriculum to Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology residents. Her research includes breast and CNS team innovations.




Dr. Amir Owrangi is a Medical Physicist at the Odette Cancer Centre (Odette). His research interests lie in the clinical implementation of MRI in brachytherapy, as well as developing image processing methods used for generating synthetic CT images from MR images, that can in turn be used for MR-only treatment planning. He is currently co-supervising research assistants in brachytherapy treatment planning specifically focusing on inverse optimization and Monte Carlo simulation, as well as patient outcome assessment.



Joe Presutti is a Radiation Therapist currently employed at Odette Cancer Centre in Treatment Planning. Joe is also the department’s Clinical Educator for Treatment Planning. He specializes in clinical teaching of treatment planning to the Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology residents. His recent research contributions include cardiac dose determination during treatment of breast cancer.



Dr. Jason Wong is a Radiation Oncologist at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake Regional Health Centre and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University Health Network. His clinical and research interests are in breast, gastrointestinal and genitourinary cancers as well as in health services research.


We also welcomed the following individuals to our faculty: Dr. Charles Cho at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Ms. Krista Dawdy at Odette, Ms. Natalie Lauzon at Odette, Dr. Sten Myrehaug at Odette, Dr. David Shultz at the Princess Margaret and Ms. Angela Turner at Odette Cancer Centre.


Image Credit: UHN PhotoGraphics and Sarah Khan


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